Audun Selsjord Bratlie is a director from Norway, born in 1991. Working as a freelance director, cinematographer and editor, he is currently living in Oslo.

Since he was little, he had a deep fascination for the moving image.
In high school, Audun emerged himself in film-making and used all his spare time on making many short films.

After graduating, he was accepted into Nordland College of Art and Film. In this period, he worked with every aspect of film production, on professional film sets. In his second year, he wrote and directed two short films which have traveled to several international festivals.



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Sundance 2013 – debriefing

Sitting on the plane from Utah to Norway, i finally got some time to write.
After 10 days, i am really satisfied, but also a bit sad that one of the biggest events of my life has ended. It is not easy to summarize the trip because so much was going on, but I will try my best.

Audun at night
sundance street
I came to Park City, knowing little about how things worked. Since the festival pass that let you in to all the films costs over 2000$, i bought a pass for 400 dollars called “Adrenaline” which let me watch films before 11 am and after 10 pm. In the day time, i managed to hustle to get tickets, because everything was sold out a long time ago.
Long ass line
I learned that it is mainly two ways of getting a ticket. I could get a wait list number, two hours before the movie started or come right before the screening and ask everybody if they had any extra tickets, just like a homeless person asking for money.
Some people even had paper signs saying “I need tickets”.
In the beginning, it was awkward for me, asking people for tickets, but after a couple of days, i realized that this was totally normal and that everyone was in the same situation.
In this way, i got to see all the films i wanted to and most people just gave me their ticked without charge!
Like i said in the previous post about not being lonely after three days, this is what i feel when summing up the whole event. I really recommend traveling alone to anyone that wants to meet interesting people and experience new adventures.
When you travel with a group, it is much harder getting to know people, as you are in what i call a “safety bubble”. I learned that it was no problem making friends, because everyone is there for the same reasons. Watching films is just a small part of the 10 day Sundance-celebration of indie film.


Sundance is a place where new film makers are given a chance to show their great work in a respected arena. For me, indie films is the most interesting and original, as opposed to hollywood “blockbusters”, these films have a narrower audience and can be more experimental and focused on the greater story, not the biggest profit.

After watching over 20 films, many of them blurred together. It is hard to remember all of them. Some of them were bad, some good and a few extraordinary!

This is the list of my favorite films at Sundance 2013

Blood Brother
Director: Steve Hoover
I never before saw myself listing a documentary as my favorite film in a festival. This film, about a man restarting his life and moving to India to live and help the dispossessed children, brought tears to my eyes. I have never seen a stronger, more personal film about this topic, as others touching on poverty in the third world countries often become too sentimental and distant to me.It did not come as a surprise that this film was the winner of: Audience: U.S. Documentary and the U.S. Grand Jury Prize: Documentary at Sundance!

Directed by: Ryan Coogler.
This was a realistic and touching, true story of Oscar Grant, the 22 year old guy who was shot cold by a policeman on new years eve 2007, at the Fruitvale subway stop in Oakland, California. This was one of the few films i saw that got a standing ovation! Fruitvale also won two prices at the festival: Winner of the U. S. Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic and Winner of the Audience Award: Dramatic.

Park Chan-Wook

I also mentioned this film in the last post, but it remains one of my favorite movies seen at the festival. It is a mysterious, thrilling film about a girl named India, losing her father in a car accident. When her uncle moves in with her and her mother, a disturbing family drama is unveiled. Even though this looks like a horror movie in the trailer, it is really a deep family conflict drama with a disturbing but beautiful visual style.

The Spectacular Now
Director: James Ponsoldt
This film blew my mind as an important and original coming-of-age story. It is about a popular guy falling in love with a shy and unpopular girl. It tells a story about what happens to someone who is neglected by his father and the consequences when you live in the now, not thinking about the future. The actors, Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley both won the U. S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Acting.

Breathe In
Directed by:  Drake Doremus
The Writer/director succeeded with his last film “Like Crazy” which won the Grand Jury Prize for Drama in Sundance 2011.
His new film, “Breath in” is about a music teacher who falls in love with a foreign exchange student coming to live with him, his wife and daughter. She also happens to be his piano student. “Breathe In” turns into a deep and emotional film about the important things life and turns into a family disaster. I just love it!

Directors: Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman
A touching and true story about Linda Lovelace, who played in the first pornographic feature film “Deep Throat” and unwillingly became the poster girl for the sexual revolution in the United States. This strong and disturbing story about her life really opened my mind and got me thinking about all the horrible things happening to women in the world of the porn industry and sexual harassment in general.

In between watching films, there were also a lot of other events going on at the festival, such as music, seminars and panels. Here filmmakers got together to talk about the industry and give tips to young film makers like me.
Her indinite variety2
Her indinite variety
This was one of the panels i went to: “Her Infinite vVriety”, about women difficulties surviving in the man dominated film industry. The panel was crowded with famous and talented filmmakers who all were involved with a film at Sundance.
Even though I am a guy, I got a lot out of hearing the stories on how they had to fight their way up in the film business, making low budget films. They told me that it is not easy, and if it does not fit the producers so called “business model”, you are on you own. You just got to keep on working.


At the end of festival, the winners were announced at the award ceremony.
Here is a list of the winners.
My pass came with ticket to the big end of festival “Award Party”, where i got to meet some of the tallented film makers and actors at the festival.
Audun and Lake Bell
This is me with the actor from “No Strings Attached” and director of the new film “In A World..”
I really want to thank my stepfather, David Scott Silverberg who hooked me up with a place to stay and paid my ticket to the United States. Without his kindness and encouragement i would not have been able to go to Sundance.


Thinking back at my trip, i am left with great memories and friends from different parts of the world. I have already started saving up to the next years Sundance.
I have become totally addicted to this drug!
Salt lake abovr the sky

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