Audun Selsjord Bratlie is a director from Norway, born in 1991. Working as a freelance director, cinematographer and editor, he is currently living in Nesodden, 20 minutes away from Oslo.

Since he was littleaudun, he had a deep fascination for the moving image.
In high school, Audun emerged himself in film-making and used all his spare time on making many short films.

After graduating, he was accepted into Nordland College of Art and Film. In this period, he worked with every aspect of film production, on professional film sets. In his second year, he wrote and directed two short films which have traveled to several international festivals.

He is now working on new projects both for himself and also as a directors assistant for Integral Film AS. His new release, “Pappa og de Forlatte Små”, a short film about his father has just started the travel to festivals, with Byron Bay Festival in Australia as it´s first stop.